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Do you ever feel like things are so unnecessarily complicated?   Like the times you forget your password – you go to reset it and the app says “you can’t use that, that’s the old one”. I mean, sometimes even the simplest things are just not easy.

In some ways, technology has made our lives ‘better’.  When I forget the name of a celebrity of an old TV show, I can Google them.  When a song comes on in a café and I want to know who the artist is, I can Shazam.  But in other ways, it’s created complexities that can leave us feeling frazzled.  Like the way it’s separated us from what we need, how we feel – even who we interact with.  

We might go down a YouTube rabbit hole when we should probably be asleep.  Or we get embroiled in a drama unfolding on the local community Facebook page.  Friends or colleagues might become divided in to notions of ‘rightness’ and ‘wrongness’ because of what they’re reading online, and before long we realise we’ve lost our mojo and need to get our sparkle back.

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Start With Simple.  With technology in particular, it might be helpful to do a Tech Audit.  You could start by thinking about what technology you use and why.  What do you want from your mobile phone, your laptop and even your TV? Do you need all the apps on your phone, or can you start to remove a few?  

If you know there are certain apps that send your blood pressure through the roof, or if they’re just a massive time suck (some research suggests we can spend up to 11 hours a day or more on our devices) you might decide to log out of them for a while.  Have a think about which spaces you currently occupy, and what you want from them; if they no longer serve a purpose, it’s ok to walk away.  If it’s not giving you what you need, you can see what else is available.  You don’t need to remove these things completely from your life, just make apps on your devices work for you, rather than the other way around.

If it’s put a strain on your connections with people, or you’ve noticed you’ve become more cynical lately (because really, what can you trust on the internet?) then start to think about who is in your life and why – do they make your life more complicated? And if it’s all just messy on the outside, and you need some simple ways to unwind after the stress of it all, make sure your living space is a haven of calm so at least you can escape from the complexity at the end of hard day.

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