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Do you ever feel like there’s “more” to life?  

Not necessarily that you’ve settled for something, but sometimes we can feel like there’s just….something else.

One of the things we explore on my Live with Purpose course, is one of the big life questions: “Why am I here?”

What’s so interesting is, from the group discussions we have, many people come away realising that actually there isn’t just one “right” answer.  For example, lots of women who have dedicated their life to raising their children as their “why”, find another “purpose” reveals itself when their kids grow up and leave home.  In the same way, when someone’s been made redundant from a job they adored, a wonderful new pathway opens using the skills they’ve crafted, that takes them in a completely different direction.  

It’s not easy though, making big life changes.  Change itself is scary and there’s no way your brain will authorise taking on anything that’s a few too many steps in to the unknown.  It’s one reason we might need to take small ones to begin with.

Here’s what might help.

This week, maybe set the intention to Stretch Your Wings.  Grab a piece of paper and start by writing a list of all the labels you go by. It might be “mother, employee, carer, wordle expert, tennis player…”.  Then, under each label, write a list of the skills these things have given you.  

When I speak with mums who now have an “empty nest”, for example, we talk about their transferrable skills from parenting, in to the rest of the world.  Things like budgeting (from balancing the books at home), organisation (from all the after school clubs), and conflict resolution (well, you can imagine).  If you’re someone who has had to (or is thinking about) a complete change of job, you could also try some volunteering for a role outside your comfort zone.  The Japanese philosophy of Ikigai – which means “reason for being” – can also offer insights which might help.

So have a think about what you’re bringing to the party of life, as you navigate your way through it. Remember though you’re not being ungrateful to think about something more.  It’s good to have a vision of the future and you’re allowed to reach for the sky.

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