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Do you celebrate your successes?

As humans, it’s something we may be nervous about.  We might feel worried about blowing our own trumpet for fear of being seen as arrogant.  We might think twice about patting ourselves on the back for a job well done, in case anyone thinks we are full of ourselves. We may even have been taught that to say “I did this really well” was just something we do not do.  

But actually, self-praise and encouragement are important – not least of all to keep us confident, motivated and invested in moving towards the things we want the most.  It matters that we say “I’m proud of myself”, especially for the big things – like having that tough conversation, or stepping outside our comfort zone.  We’re allowed to be kind to ourselves, and we should be.

Of course, this isn’t easy.  We may have grown up in environments where we were told from the start that things wouldn’t go our way.  Or were given the impression that “people like us” don’t get places, or have nice things.

If that’s stealing your mojo, or holding you back, here’s what might help.

This week, maybe set the intention to Keep Feeling Inspired.  Start by thinking about or remembering who your role models are – who lights you up when you think about their work or their approach to life?  Also, where are the communities you feel most connected with – which group of people put a bit of sparkle in your step?  Being in the “right” places with the “right” people can keep us moving forward.  

What about a word for the month or a daily quote to keep you focused on what you want and what matters most?  Have a think about the little things that could make a big difference.

Think also about your environment.  Do the people in your orbit bring you down, or support and nourish you?  The subtle messages we hear every day can have a profound impact on our journey through life, just as if we keep pushing ourselves too hard we will eventually burn out.  The constant striving to be better or “enough” by an invisible measuring stick can leave us feeling groundless and even afraid. Have a think about what you can change, even if it’s not quite possible yet, and where you can find more balance.

Above all, even if it feels uncomfortable or awkward, pat yourself on the back and be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come.  Your fabulousness is a welcome gift in the world right now.  Make sure people see plenty of it.

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