Monday Mojo – Keep It Simple

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Do you ever feel like life is so complicated?  

Sometimes we just want things to be straightforward.

Not difficult.
Not messy.
And definitely not scary.

Living in the 21st century is like that though, isn’t it?  Sometimes we just want every day living to be, well…easy.  When something goes wrong, or needs fixing, or just drains our time and energy, we might feel like “I don’t remember signing up for this drama.  Where do I get a refund on life?”  But nevertheless, we persist.

Here’s what might help.

This week, maybe set the intention to Keep It Simple.  Take a look at all the things that are happening in your life right now from a “birds eye view”, rather than being stuck in the centre of it.  What can you manage and what can you release?  Draw two columns, with those headings in mind, and go through your to-do list.

“Quiet thriving” is an upcoming concept which encourages us to sometimes focus on the bare minimum; only engaging in the things you have to do – your core responsibilities.  

This may mean you need to set some boundaries, changing how you work (if you can’t change where you work) and instead of focusing on huge goals, set small milestones to get you through each day.  If you need to break things down in to smaller chunks to make life easier, then do what works for you.  If all you manage to do is show up, some days that’s enough.  It’s important to pat yourself on the back for the things you do get done, rather than fixating on the things you didn’t.  

Don’t forget the importance of switching off or logging out of your phone now and then; a breather can make all the difference.

Remember, not everything has to be done today.  Some things don’t need to be done at all.  Keep the big picture in mind.

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