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Where will you be in a year’s time?  What about five years?

It’s such a tricky question isn’t it.  

On the one hand we might think we should look in to the future and take a peak at where we’d like to be.  On the other, with so much going on right now, we might believe we don’t have time for that.  Or are maybe even scared to think about it.

The problem of course is when we arrive at a point in our life – like a big birthday milestone – and wonder how we got where we are.  The treadmill of life can keep us whizzing along at such a pace that we’ve either been too scared to step off, or just been too busy trying to keep up.

We might also think we have to ‘stay in the moment’ as a way to help us manage the anxieties and frustrations of everyday life, worrying if it’s ‘wrong’ to dream about what might be.  But of course, we’re allowed to be hopeful or set our sights on something more.  Not necessarily ‘more’ in the sense of more money or more fame (unless that’s your vibe), but maybe more purpose.  More fulfilment.  More peace.

Here’s what might help:
This week, maybe set the intention to Dare to Dream. Sometimes what holds us back is our fear that people will judge our aspirations, particularly if the goal feels too big, or we think we won’t ‘fit in’.  We may have even been laughed at when we told people what we wanted to be.

Even if the goal you have in mind isn’t achievable right now, you could still challenge yourself to think about what an ideal day/job/future might look like.  You can ask yourself reflection questions like:

  • What would ‘living my best life’ look like?
  • What if money was no object?
  • If I’m feeling fulfilled and grateful a year from now, what will I be doing?

You could also write some affirmations to leave around the house or create a Vision Board to keep you motivated.

If you’re not sure where to even start, it might be looking you right in the face.  For example, what’s in your book collection and what do you love talking about?  What gets your mojo running and puts a bit of sparkle in your eye?  You might find the answer is right in front of you.

What we do know, is that we won’t get this day, this week, this moment in time again.   If there are 86,400 seconds in a day, what will you decide not to waste one more minute on?

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