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Are you busy?

It’s a daft question, of course you are. Most of us in some form or another have places to go and people to see, and that’s not always a bad thing. ‘Busy-ness’ can help keep us motivated, focused and moving forward. Except of course when it feels like we’re not. 

Sometimes we can be so busy, we don’t know which way is up and everything feels like it’s coming at once.  We commit to too much, or find ourselves scraping for time just to reset and recharge. When did we get that busy?

I mentioned in last week’s Mojo, that sometimes we need to bridge the chaos, because if all the plates are spinning, or we have too many balls in the air, we can start to feel anxious that with just one mis-step, the whole thing will come tumbling down. 

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Start With One. If you’ve got a bajillion things on your to-do list right now, you could make a conscious decision to focus on just one thing.  This will help focus your mind on to the single task you must do and help you achieve it; if you’ve only got one thing to do, you’ll find a way to do it.

If it’s your patience that’s wearing thin, instead of quickly counting to ten, maybe count your breaths instead, if that helps.  Breathe in, then out and that’s one.  Breathe in, and out again – that’s two.  Even just a few breaths like this can be enough to shift our mood.

It’s also ok to give yourself permission to slow down and be in this moment, even if a task is boring. Whether it’s doing the washing up or some filing, you may find it feels like you’re using the time more effectively, than wishing you were somewhere else.

You could also inject something new in to your routine, recognising that it’s not always having too much to do that’s the problem, but too much of the same thing.  Maybe try adding something new or different to your day, even if it’s just travelling a different way to work. With any of these tasks, when you worry about what you “should” be doing instead, remind yourself that you’re already doing what counts.  

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