Monday Mojo – Bridge the Chaos

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Well, where do I even begin?  I think it’s safe to say the news, at least here in the UK, continues on a rollercoaster of drama, scandal and outrage.

If you’ve got Emotional Whiplash right now just trying to navigate the speed at which things change, it makes sense if you’ve lost some mojo. Everything’s moving quickly, like that train in Japan, called the Shinkansen, which travels at 200mph.

Connections with others themselves are often built online overnight these days rather than face to face (even if not always meaningful). Technology alone can make it hard to keep up.

I wrote recently on social media that it’s not just lack of sleep that makes us tired, but the emotional labour of all we may be faced with. It’s no wonder so many are exhausted. It got me thinking about the current pace of life and our obsession, as humans, with ‘moving’.

A little stillness may help. 

This week, maybe set the intention to Bridge the Chaos.  By this I mean, try to find ways to rise above the noise so that you can get a clear picture of what’s actually going on.  Sometimes when we’re in the thick of it, we can’t always see the wood for the trees, and for that reason may find ourselves embroiled and entangled in something that, with a little perspective, we may view entirely differently.

You may have noticed that when we are forced to be still (for example, when we’re waiting in a queue) we claw for something to do, often striving to be “there” rather than here.  Try sitting (or standing) for a little this week, even if only a few moments and just be with what is.  Pause.  Breathe.  Continue.

“Unmoving” – sitting still – doesn’t mean we don’t feel anything but in fact appreciate the benefit of sitting with, rather than pushing away, what’s happening and the insight that may bring.  Sometimes in the stillness, we receive the answers we’re looking for.  As Sadhguru says, we don’t have to pay attention to only that which moves.

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