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What makes you come alive?  

For me, it’s writing.  I genuinely love sitting down each week and thinking about insights or inspiration I can share with you, and letting the words flow out of my brain and in to my laptop, There are other things that fill me with the sparkle; an uplifting song, a refreshing night’s sleep, and of course time with those who matter.  But in terms of my career, words – and particularly how they’re delivered, whether as a counsellor, author or through my events – are central to what I do, and keeping  a spring in my step. 

When we find ourselves coasting or even lacking a little motivation, it might be because  there’s something missing. Not necessarily anything that needs a life-changing decision, but there’s a noticeable absence of the ‘feel good’ stuff that gets us out of bed in the morning.  

Whether you’re working or not (and I include volunteering and parenting as work, by the way) it’s essential that something brings us an element of fulfilment.  So if that’s missing, what do we do?

This week, maybe set the intention to Light the Spark.  Start small. If the flame of motivation feels more like fading embers, then it might be that you’re lacking energy for obvious reasons.  Maybe it’s time to look at lifestyle: prioritise sleep, drink water and try not to skip breakfast.  The simple things really can make a big difference. 

If it’s more that you’re feeling a bit lost in terms of direction, you could think about when you last felt motivated and what got your mojo flowing.  For example:
· What communities do you feel a connection with?
· What activities do you find yourself absorbed in, where you lose all track of time (known as ‘flow state’)
· What would you do for free if you could?
These can help you start to create a vision for a more fulfilling future.

It’s worth keeping in mind, some of this will take a bit of time and effort, especially if it means learning fresh skills or meeting new people.  But if you find yourself wavering about what to do next, as this article explores, it can be worth thinking about what’s really holding you back.

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