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Change is a funny thing isn’t it?  And by ‘funny’, I mean sometimes enjoyable, occasionally not so much.

On the one hand when it’s planned, needed and meaningful it can make such a difference not just to an individual but sometimes to an entire community.  But when there’s no change, or not enough, when it’s too slow, or happens too quickly, it can lead to either boredom from one perspective or overwhelm on the other.  And that’s going to take its toll.

Recent research has also confirmed, as I’ve long said, that people don’t leave their jobs, they leave their manager. This might have been because their skills weren’t used effectively and they felt held back, or because management expectations were just too high.  It might be that people asked for change but didn’t feel seen or heard, or when they did make their point they were somehow punished for it.  

In the midst of all this change though, is there anything we can do?

Here’s something that might help:
This week, maybe set the intention to Hold the Change.  We could approach this two ways:
1) Consider first whether you even need to make any changes, i.e. to put the change on hold.  A good question you could ask is “Do I need to make this decision today?”  It might sound like a path to procrastination (so be wary of that if you know it’s a tendency), but sometimes it can be a good thing to let ourselves off the hook for a day or so to see what comes up.
2) The second is to embrace the change that’s coming our way.  That doesn’t mean accepting it, just that we may need to look at what we can control, and what we can’t.  If there’s a level of uncertainty that’s creating some anxiety, you could try creating a Not Knowing Plan – essentially giving yourself something to do (like a mindfulness activity) when you don’t know what to do.  You might decide that you’ll take charge of your own well-being through restorative acts of self-care (see my video below) or changing something about your environment, tribe or work.

Ultimately, take steps that prioritise your well-being that help you find your way back to centre, whilst you navigate challenging times.  You’ll get there because you always do.

The Self-Care Check-In features in my book Answers In The Dark

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