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Well it’s all been a bit intense here in the UK. 
If you’ve been watching the news (and I totally understand if you haven’t) I think it’s safe to say the word that best summarises the events of last week is “drama”. 

Beth Rigby, a journalist for Sky News, said she’d never known a week like it in her career. She actually recorded a piece to camera half an hour before it was due to go on air on Wednesday night, and by the time it went live what she had recorded was already out of date. 

Do you ever have weeks like that? Where it feels like all the plates are spinning and if you take your eye off the ball for even a second something might drop. It’s exhausting.
Constant Policy or procedural changes at work (sometimes it feels just for the sake of it).
People changing jobs so quickly. we can’t remember where they’ve gone.
So many friends going through difficult times, it’s hard to know who to prioritise.
It gets to the point where we feel so overwhelmed, we might shut down or lash out. (On that note, my latest blog about anger offers some thoughts).

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Let It Fall. It might sound terrifying but sometimes we get so worried about what might happen, that the best thing could be to see if it does. That doesn’t mean be reckless with choices, but at the same time it can help to step back, take a breath and see just how bad things could get. If you have a tendency to try and control things, which is often in an effort to feel safe and mitigate risk, maybe reflect on the question “What risk am I afraid of here, and why does this matter to me?”

One of the things I cover in this blog about anger is how sometimes we concern ourselves with “shoulds” – standards we place on ourselves and others which can be unachievable. In the same way, this article encourages us to consider “Whose business am I in?” – in other words if you’re trying to control or change something that you won’t be able to affect, it can add to problems that are already there. Ask yourself what would it mean to let this go right now. 

Ultimately, this doesn’t mean we excuse or ignore, just that we look down the road a little and see what direction we will travel if we carry on as we are. You’re allowed to rest, pause and reflect so do that as often as possible.

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